The realtime 3D sharing platform

    What is HoloDesk?

    HoloDesk is a web platform that allows users to upload and publish 3D content and invite partners to collaborate in virtual workspaces.


    • Sales - Present your products to your customers with an immersive experience
    • Immersive Virtual Meetings: Discuss with your colleagues together on real 3D objects
    • Real Time Feedback: Give Feedback, no matter where you are
    • Remote Support: Assist your colleagues dosn't matter where they are. ,
    • Inspection: Do inspections on site and compare it with 3D data - in real time

    Cross Device Compatibility:

    WebAR Session are available as well as native apps for HoloLens, Android and iOS enable users to view, annotate, and manipulate content in shared experiences, both locally and remotely.

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