HoloDesk is the platform to enable collaboration via augmented and virtual reality easily and quickly.


Store your content securely and view it easily at any time – HoloDesk ONE allows you to easily upload, store and view 3D models and other documents.

  • 10 GB of storage for your data
  • Easily access 3D models via the web browser and HoloDesk apps
  • Share your 3D models on websites


More space and easy sharing of content – HoloDesk SHARE offers the possibility to view 3D objects with several people at the same time and includes a higher storage volume.

  • 100 GB of storage for your data
  • Invite others to view your models
  • View 3D models with others in one location


HoloDesk REMOTE offers sufficient space and location-independent collaboration.

  • 2TB storage for your data
  • Invite others to view your data in a collaboration session, no matter where they are located
  • Create annotations, assign tasks and track their progress

HoloDesk AR Plattform

Download our HoloDesk apps now

With our HoloDesk apps you can now experience your 3D models even better. Download them directly and simply log in with your HoloDesk user data.


HoloDesk – the collaboration platform for Augmented Reality

Augmented Reality allows us to work on 3D models together with other people – directly in the web browser, on the tablet or in the HoloLens. HoloDesk is the easiest way to view 3D models for any interface. It’s easy as pie – start right now, upload your first 3D model and work in the interface of your choice.



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